Quality Time During A Busy Work Week

Our Quality Time as a Married Couple

Finding quality time with your spouse can be very difficult. Megan works 40 hours a week, sometimes at home and sometimes at the office. As a firefighter, I work two to three 24-hour shifts each week. Both of our commutes are two hours, so with all of our hours working plus driving, cooking, chores, and running a photography business, this doesn’t leave us with as much energy or time with each other as we’d like. So how do we still enjoy our time together?

We start in the mornings by digging into scripture to help jumpstart our day. We also do a marriage devotional each week titled “Newlywed Couple’s Devotional” by Chris and Jamie Bailey (link at the bottom of post). This is the perfect one-year long devotion that we highly recommend for anyone’s first year of marriage.

Megan and I have found ways to do what we enjoy while taking part in each others’ hobbies. Our typical evenings after Megan is done working (if I am not on firefighter shift) involves a workout and cooking dinner, simple but a great way (for us personally) to have quality time together. As a firefighter, fitness is a big part of my life, and Megan also likes to stay fit and healthy. Going for a run or to the gym after a long day is a great way for us to get our workout in while also spending quality time together. In fact, our love for running is how we met four years ago. We’ve run marathons, 5Ks, and many races together, so this brings us back to why we first fell in love.

After our workout we cook dinner and prep lunch for the next day. This is perfect downtime for Megan because cooking is a hobby she loves and it’s a great way for me to bond with her. And yes, she’s the better cook. Check out our Instagram and Pinterest pages for recipes we’ve tried and loved! Although these things seem like simple everyday tasks, we’ve learned to make them unique and fun for us. Each day we try new recipes from scratch. Each day we do a different workout to keep from getting bored with the same routine.

We’re always looking for new ways to bond with each other. Share with us on our Instagram post how you bond with your spouse!

Link to our marriage devotional book: https://www.target.com/p/newlywed-couple-s-devotional-by-christopher-bailey-jamie-bailey-paperback/-/A-81480526

See below for the pinterest recipes Megan loves to make!